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Our pledge to conserving natural resources

Rockport maintains harvesting methods which are ecologically sensitive and preserve the integrity of the resource with minimal disruption to the environment. We adhere to the regulations of The Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

The management at Rockport has history that goes back almost half a century in the Canadian lobster industry. We depend on this fishery for our livelyhood and have great re-spect for its bounty shared with us and our friends throughout many years. We understand the need to protect and conserve the environment that lobsters live in, this is the only way we can ensure future generations the same bounty.

Rockport preaches and teaches sound environmental practices. Strict regulations and responsi-ble management have resulted in the world’s best supply of Hard-shell Atlantic Lobsters. Lobster landings are a primary indicator of abundance. The last 20-year average has continued to rise, proving sustainability through conservation is working.

Rockport strictly abides by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans’ management rules that are set in place to enhance the sustainability of lobster resource. An example of some of the essential conservation methods used to protect our resource: seasonal lobster fishing areas when the resource is at its maximum yields; staggered seasonal openings; carapace size limit; limited entry to licenses; trap design with trap limits and escape mechanisms; v-notching females that are egg producers; limited fishing days.

In fact one of Rockport’s largest fleet trap and catch lobster in an area that is Marine Stewardship certified grounds – Magdalene islands, QC. Our fishermen still use single traps attached to lines and are hauled one at a time. This is a very labor intense trapping method but helps insure the most ecologically sensitive management of the environment and lobster grounds.

Consumers and fishers can rest assured that Rockport’s Canadian hard shell lobster products are the best tasting in the world, AND are harvested and processed in a method that is good for the environment as well.

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